Vintage Pens: Parker 45

Vintage Pens: 1907 Parker 45
Era: 1960-1979
Price: $39.99
Sleek and modern, the Parker 45 was one of the last great production pens for the masses of the fountain pen era. Although we haven't torn it completely apart to verify, we think this is one of the classic vintage pens that sports an actual 14k gold nib. Many had an alloy nib, but this one "looks" more like real gold to us. Either way, it writes a nice, smooth broad line. (Under the nib is marked medium, but it definitely writes a broad line.) The pen is in great working order with a still working Parker 45 squeeze bar converter. The cool part about this pen, is that it still can use modern Parker cartridges and converters. Some light wear but in very good condition. 13.6cm capped.