Vintage Pens: Esterbrook J-9788

Vintage Pens: 2061 Esterbrook J-9788
Era: 1950-1959
Price: $59.99
Copper is our favorite color for the Esterbrook J model pen line, such as this one. It is a little like carrying a piece of Autumn with you all year. Ours has been fully restored with a new ink sac. There is a crack in the threads that we stabilized by installing the section with some sac shellac in the pressure-fit zone. This vintage pen does have a little wear, but the copper coloring seems to shine right through it. Strong imprint, perfect jewels. Best of all, it comes with an upgraded 9788 steel nib. It is a rarer upgrade nib that was designed for "Shaded Writing." This is code for SEMI-FLEX! We find that it writes nicely from a fine to about a 1mm width. 12.7cm capped.