Vintage Pens: Parker 45

Vintage Pens: 2273 Parker 45
Era: 1960-1979
Price: $19.99
Enjoy a great daily writer without having to worry about it getting scratched up or lost. Our Parker 45 has been a very well loved pen in evidence of its wear from daily use. Still in great working order with an original converter, it writes a smooth, wet medium line. The barrel and section hood are very heavily worn. There is even a crack in the barrel that runs halfway down the barrel to the tail. There's a smaller one circling about half the tail. They are stable as long as you don't stress them, a truth for most people, too. The cracks won't effect the performance of the filling system or writing. If the original converter ever gives out, this pen uses all modern Parker cartridges and converters! 13.5cm capped.