Vintage Pens: Sheaffer Tuckaway

Vintage Pens: 2334 Sheaffer Tuckaway
Era: 1940-1949
Price: $49.99
Take your favorite fountain pen anywhere with the classic Sheaffer Tuckaway! Small enough to conceal in a vest or breast pocket, this short pen with a tiny clip was originally designed not to break military uniform code, as the tiny clip would stay hidden under the flap of a uniform breast pocket. We restored this vintage pen with a fresh ink sac and O-ring. It has some light wear on the cap and barrel, but the most egregious is a ring around the tail, where it looks as if the O-ring is attempting to escape. The O-ring is secure, but this type of cosmetic damage is common enough and should have no lasting effect on the pen's performance. Click the headline to see the nib and ink view window better. The viewer is ambered but clear. The 14k gold, two-tone nib writes an exquisite ultra-extra-fine line without scratching, as long as you don't write with much pressure. 11.8cm capped.