Pre-Owned Pens: Mont Blanc Noblesse

Pre-Owned Pens: 2345 Mont Blanc Noblesse
Era: 1960-1979
Price: $99.99
Mont Blanc made an effort to go for a modern look in the 1970s and early '80s with the Mont Blanc Noblesse collection. This one is made of stainless steel, featuring a rare Mont Blanc logo at the bottom of the clip. The flat top has a white peak logo on a black field, and the tail has a white peak logo raised above the base steel. Originally intended as a felt-tip pen, the neat part about these pens is that they take (without threading) a modern rollerball refill and a modern ballpoint refill with a plastic insert attachment. This one includes a black ballpoint refill with the special attachment. It writes perfectly well, although we have no idea how much ink is left. Just be sure to save the plastic attachment from the tail of this refill to use on the next ballpoint refill. Only very light wear on the cap and barrel. 13.8cm capped.