Vintage Pens: Parker Vacumatic

Vintage Pens: 2371 Parker Vacumatic
Era: 1940-1949
Price: $125.00
In 1942, World War II was in full swing, and rationing was preserving the most precious materials for the war effort. Many pen manufacturers switched from gold trim to nickle and other silvery materials. This Parker Vacumatic Major was made that year, and its trim, date code and nib date code all confirm it. Click the headline to see the incredible barrel clarity and strong imprint. We restored this vintage pen with a new diaphragm. There are no cracks in the celluloid, and there is only light wear on the cap, trim and barrel. The blind cap on the tail fits about 99.5% flush with the barrel. The clip is secure, but it does spin slowly around the cap. The 14k gold nib writes a pretty sweet medium line with some flex that can push it into broad and even double broad! 12.8cm capped.