Vintage Pens: Parker 21

Vintage Pens: 2375 Parker 21
Era: 1950-1959
Price: $29.99
In 1941 the Parker 51 revolutionized fountain pens by being "10 years ahead of its time." It became one of the most popular pens of the era. Yet, Parker discovered not everyone could afford a true 51, so it created a "little brother" called the Parker 21. Very similar to the 51, it had a hooded nib and squeeze-bar aerometric filler. It was a little smaller than a standard 51, and it sported a steel nib instead of a gold one. It was still a good pen and became quite popular in its own right. Ours has a very fresh original "pliglass" (silicon) ink sac that works great. The burgundy barrel a couple little tooth marks on the tail. The remainder of the cap and barrel have some light to moderate scratches but are otherwise free of cracks and dents! The steel nib writes a nice broad line, except on the initial upstroke of an & and on the final half of the downstroke into the bottom curlycue on a capital cursive "L". Those strokes get very skinning with some feedback. 13.1cm capped.