Vintage Pens: Parker Challenger

Vintage Pens: 2272 Parker Challenger
Era: 1930-1939
Price: $49.99
It's A-Liiiive! It's A-Liiiive! We found a Parker Challenger made of what appear to be many Parker Challenger parts. It is complete except for a cap band, all the same, it is a great daily user that is just cosmetically flawed. We installed a new ink sac and pressure bar assembly. Sure there are scratches, discoloration and heavy brassing on the clip. Did we say this was perfect and beautiful? Well, it is on the inside, which is what counts. The original 14k gold "Parker Pen" nib appears to have a backward capitol "J" replacing the "U" in "Made in U.S.A." Click the headline to see. It writes an extra-fine to fine line. 13.1cm capped.