Vintage Pens: Sheaffer TM

Vintage Pens: 2369 Sheaffer TM
Era: 1940-1949
Price: $79.99
The post-war years were some of the most creative for Sheaffer. Using pneumatics (known as the TouchDown filler) to fill their pens, Sheaffer TM (Thin Model) fountain pens became a huge hit. Only made for 4 years, they quickly evolved into the Sheaffer Snorkel, which was a mess-free filler. This is an earlier Sheaffer TM, before snorkels were added. We restored it with a new O-ring and ink sac. To fill it, all you do is unscrew the tail cap, pull it up, stick the nib in ink and push down on the tail. One pump fills the pen. This one even has an ink viewing window to let you know if the pen is empty. The cap and barrel feature only light wear and scratching. There are no cracks, dents or deep scratches. The intentionally upturned two-tone 14k gold nib writes a very nice medium line. 13.5cm capped.