Vintage Pens: Esterbrook Deep V-Clip

Vintage Pens: 2759 Esterbrook Deep V-Clip
Era: 1930-1939
Price: $175.00
Dig deep to the roots of Esterbrook fountain pens with a very early black hard rubber Esterbrook V-Clip. Famous for their beautifully lustrous and vibrant celluloids, it is almost hard to believe Esterbrook had production line, non-dip black hard rubber pens. Yet, here's the proof. No cracks, but it does have a couple small but obvious scratches on the cap and barrel. The imprint is clean. You can see the chocolate hazing in the photo. Fully restored, this vintage pen comes with a fresh ink sac. Its early steel 1554 Gregg nib looks as if it was filed down to an oblique stub. It writes a smooth medium with variation at a very low angle of attack, but it isn't forgiving if you change hand positions. 12.5cm capped.