Vintage Pens: Parker 75

Vintage Pens: 2787 Parker 75
Era: 1960-1979
Price: $149.99
Parker 75s were one of the last great pens of the fountain pen era put into daily use. This vintage pen and pencil set comes with its original box and papers. Made of sterling silver, this was the pen that brought the ciselé design on Parker pens for the next 50 years! The red ring in the photo shows a little dent. The pencil has two smaller dents in it barrel. The fountain pen's inkfeed is marked "66." The section collar has hash marks to help you line up the nib just right to make the triangular section grip fit your hand perfectly. (Sadly, the nib wrench is missing.) The end caps have 4 rings and flat ends (no dinner plates). The section screws into the sterling barrel with plastic threads. This pen comes with a working original converter, but it will use a modern converter and cartridges. The nib writes a smooth fine line at some angles and with a little feedback at other angles. The pencil works well and comes with spare .9mm leads in the tail. The eraser is hardened.