Vintage Pens: Parker 51 Demonstrator

Vintage Pens: 2785 Parker 51 Demonstrator
Era: 1940-1949
Price: $499.99
Talk about your grail pens! Here's a 1948 Parker 51 Demonstrator. Only given to sales reps and stores to show all of the inner workings of a Parker 51, this pen is one of the cleanest we've seen. We got it from a dedicated Parker collector who put in a fresh diaphragm and breather tube. The lucite barrel and hood had some slight yellowing but very little compared to others we've seen. After hours of staring at it, we noticed two tiny fractals in the inner layer of the barrel. The blind cap has a little blue staining. The ink collector fins are yellowed but clean. Everything appears to work but we didn't dare fill it to keep it looking clean. The 14k gold nib looks like a fine, but we haven't written with it. This is a museum-quality pen that you are welcome to fill...or just display and make your friends jealous. Barrel imprint reads "Parker 51 / Made in U.S.A." It has an 8 with 3 dots. No cracks. Cap has scratches. Barrel has big scuff in center. Otherwise just trace wear.