Vintage Pens: Wearever Combo

Vintage Pens: 2797 Wearever Combo
Era: 1930-1939
Price: $19.99
Combo pens were all the rage in the 1930s and '40s. A pencil on one end and a fountain pen on the other, it was a great novelty with real-world functionality. Wearever was the #1 pen company in the U.S. with regard to sales volume. They flooded the dime-store market with tons of very inexpensive writing instruments. They used beautiful but cheap plastics and steel nibs...that were sometimes plated in gold or gold-looking materials. We restored this combo's fountain pen with a new ink sac. It still has a working 1.1mm pencil, complete with a lead that advances and retracts. We love the fluidity of the white ribbon floating through the emerald green plastic. Its once golden metals are all showing wear and missing plating. The steel nib is losing its plating and writes a wet stub-like line. It is so wet, flow doesn't always keep up. But it is fun enough to play with for the price. 15cm capped.