Vintage Pens: Pento Truda

Vintage Pens: 2812 Pento Truda
Era: 1910-1919
Price: $125.00
Looking for a factory-fresh vintage eyedropper pen? Check out this Pento "Truda" in chased black hard rubber! The rubber is still jet black, and the chasing and imprint are nearly perfect. The section unscrews easily to allow for filling with an eyedropper. No cracks. The 14k gold nib is flexi, but it isn't much of a writer. It feels like what we call "reedy," and the tines sometimes dig into the paper. Click the headline for a better look. The nib appears to be marked "Mau's / Perfect / 14ct". There are no other identifying marks on the pen. As a 100-year-old hard rubber pen, we just assume it will get leaky sooner or later. Really, this is much better as a display piece or museum piece than a writer, given its physical near perfection. 14cm capped.