Vintage Pens: Parker 75 Independence Hall

Vintage Pens: 2705 Parker 75 Independence Hall
Era: 1960-1979
Price: $299.99
Why on earth would a Parker 75 come in pewter, with a wooden disc in the top of the cap? 1776! Now that's the spirit! This is an American Bicentennial celebration Parker 75. On the cap is the factory engraved: "Wood in this limited edition pen is a relic of Independence Hall Philadelphia - 1776". A believe the pewter is a tribute to Sam Adams: metal smith, brewer and patriot. You won't find a dent in the pen. There's only light surface wear, if any. Sorry. We don't have the original box and papers. However, we are reasonably sure this is an authentic original. The section collar has hash marks to help align the nib best with your grip. The section has plastic threads. It comes with an original working converter. You can use modern Parker converters and cartridges with this pen. We do not think the pen has been inked. Inkfeed indicates a medium nib. 13.1cm capped.