Vintage Pens: Parker 105

Vintage Pens: 3102 Parker 105
Era: 1960-1979
Price: $199.99
Gold-filled "bark" trim on a Parker 105 fountain pen is about one of the neatest designs we've ever experienced in a vintage pen! Yep. The cap and barrel look like the trunk of a tree...a gold tree. Better, yet, it has a SEMI-FLEX nib! The condition of the cap and barrel is nearly perfect without any dents, scratches or engravings. The small black section and nib top have some surface scratches. However, the 14k gold nib starts extra fine, but you can manipulate it to about 1mm wide. It does have a little feedback. The pen fills with its original pressure-bar converter, but you can also use modern Parker converters or ink cartridges! 13.2cm capped.