Vintage Pens: Gold Bond Mini Pen

Vintage Pens: 3132 Gold Bond Mini Pen
Era: 1930-1939
Price: $19.99
Gold Bond was a sub-brand of the National Pen Co. in Chicago. This is a really tiny black and pearl necklace or watch-fob fountain pen. As you can clearly see in the photo, it once belonged to an Evelyn Motl. We restored it with a tiny new ink sac. It has a little wear and discoloration, but there are no cracks. Its biggest flaw is a missing tassie ring on the cap. A 14k gold nib sports what appears to be an oblique stub, with the left tine lower than the right tine. It takes a minute to find the sweet spot, but, when you do, it writes pretty well. 8.8cm capped.