Vintage Pens: Parker 61 Set

Vintage Pens: 3416 Parker 61 Set
Era: 1960-1979
Price: $99.99
Direct to you from the fountain pen time machine is what appears to be a new-old-stock Parker 61. Take a closer look. The capillary unit stuffing that is peeking out the tail is white! We don't think this pen was ever filled. Although there are couple little marks on the cap and barrel, the pen and pencil look like new. The Parker 61 was one of the last great innovations in filling system tech. Instead of converting directly to the cartridge/converter systems under development, Parker invented the capillary filler. All you do is unscrew the barrel, dip the tail end of the filler in ink for a few seconds and slowly pull it out of the ink. That inner barrel is Teflon-coated, so you shouldn't have to wipe anything. The working .9mm pencil is in perfect working order. The eraser is hardened but whole. Under the funky box pad is the original paperwork for the pen. We think the 14k gold nib is a fine point, but we weren't about to dip it and possibly taint the purity of the NOS-status.