Vintage Pens: Parker 180 Guirlande

Vintage Pens: 3322 Parker 180 Guirlande
Era: 1960-1979
Price: $149.99
Parker 180 pens are handsome, modern and extremely versatile. This rarer Parker 180 Guirlande has a stunning pinstripe design in gold plate with a criss-crossing cross-cut over the pinstripes. Ours is in mint condition with a working original converter. The need part is that the nib can be flipped to write at two different widths. The black inkfeed is marked "F/B," meaning "Fine" and "Broad." We find it writes lush broad strokes and skimpy fine lines. The nib is not marked 14k gold, but it looks like it. As these nibs are firm, it might also feel as if it has a little feedback, but it really isn't very scratchy. 13.1cm capped.