Vintage Pens: Esterbrook J-9314M

Vintage Pens: 3425 Esterbrook J-9314M
Era: 1950-1959
Price: $69.99
Here's your chance for an affordable exotic nib. It is a steel Esterbrook 9314 Medium, which is an oblique stub! You can write a little more than 1mm wide at its thickest, and it will do so fairly smoothly. It is out of practice and needs a little breaking in to get past some initial hard starts. It comes in a very handsome minty green Esterbrook J-model pen. This is the widest of the J-series pens. You can find a few blemishes, but they are easily overwhelmed by the gleaming finish of the pen. No cracks. Its biggest fault is a pocket clip that spins freely. It is on securely, it just spins. The cap jewel is great, but the tail jewel is chipped...maybe 20% gone. 12.8cm capped.