Pre-Owned Pens: Mont Blanc Classique

Pre-Owned Pens: 4111 Mont Blanc Classique
Era: 1980-present
Price: $125.00
This pandemic and economic depression have to end some time, and when they do, you're gonna wanna look sharp at that new job interview. Take notes and wave around the famed white star or snow cap of the Montblanc logo to show your new employer you're a savvy pro and dealmaker. No other brand of luxury pens is as well know to the business community as Mont Blanc. Our Montblanc Classique has some business experience under its cap band, as evidenced by some light to moderate wear. No cracks or serious damage. Plus, no one is going to notice it at any distance if don't let them hold it. The most obvious scruff is on the pocket clip. Not only does it come with its very beat-up box, it has a serial number and "Pix" written under the clip. Guaranteed authentic. You also get a working black refill that extends and retracts with a twist of the tail cap. 13.7cm.