Vintage Pens: Conklin 3NL

Vintage Pens: 4175 Conklin 3NL
Era: 1910-1919   Fountain Pen Nib Size: FLEXI
Price: $299.99
Alright you Spencarians and other flex writers! Behold the very flexi Conklin 3NL. It starts at a wet extra-fine and flexes up to 2mm! It is not a wet noodle, but what resistance is there will only help you stay a little slower and steadier. Did we mention that it is extremely smooth, too? We restored this incredible vintage pen with a new ink sac. No cracks, minimal scratching or any other blemishing. Crisp chasing. Its imprint is a little faded but legible. If it helps you date it, there is only an imprint on one side of the crescent filler. Its one helluva pen. 13.8cm capped.