Pre-Owned Pens: Sheaffer Balance II

Pre-Owned Pens: 3420 Sheaffer Balance II
Era: 1980-present   Fountain Pen Nib Size: M
Price: $149.99
Feast your eyes on the luscious blue hues of our modern Sheaffer Balance II. Based on the original torpedo-shaped classic of the 1930s, the modern pen as all the advances of modern technology. It is cartridge/converter fill, and it comes with a converter. Minimal, if any, wear. Click the headline for a close up of the pen and two-tone 18k gold nib. You will write a very smooth medium to medium-broad line. Why didn't Sheaffer keep this design running longer, as Parker has with its modern Duofolds? A great pen. 14.7cm capped.