Vintage Pens: Mabie Todd (Swan) 142/1

Vintage Pens: 4648 Mabie Todd (Swan) 142/1
Era: 1920-1929   Fountain Pen Nib Size: SF
Price: $149.99
Bordering true flexi, this semi-flex Mabie Todd Swan 142/1 is a remarkable vintage pen. Fully restored, we installed a new ink sac. It has a chased black hard rubber cap and barrel. The cap is a little more discolored with chocolate hazing than the barrel. It also sports beautifully engraves initials and a deep scar visible in the photo. Click the headline for close-ups. The pen is long and about as wide as a Waterman 54...wider and easier to grip than the 52. Its imprints are sharp and easy to read. Its 14k gold #2 nib is scratched up on top, but it writes very well with flex from fine to 1mm. There's a little feedback, which is expected on many semi-flex nibs. 13.8cm capped.