Pencil: Parker Liquid Lead Pencil

Pencil: 4694 Parker Liquid Lead Pencil
Era: 1950-1959
Price: $19.99
In our humble opinion, the most revolutionary innovation in pencil technology in the past 3,000 years was the Parker Liquid Lead Pencil. Turning the pencil world upside down, it moved us past a lead or graphite "Lead" stick incased in wood or a refillable pencil. Parker took the ballpoint pen design a step further and made a liquid-based pencil "lead" refill that wrote just as smoothly and efficiently as a ballpoint pen! Sadly, the idea never quite caught on with the public, and they remained a novelty writing instrument of the 1950s. This is one such pencil with the remains of a still working refill. We doubt there is much left in it to write with, but it is a great artifact of a brilliant invention. Some light wear from use. Includes a hardened eraser under the tail cap. 13.1cm.