Vintage Pens: Hick’s LeRoy W Fairchild

Vintage Pens: 4708 Hick’s LeRoy W Fairchild
Era: pre-1900   Fountain Pen Nib Size: FLEXI
Price: $499.99
William S. Hicks Gold Pen Co. got its start in 1857. This dual dip pen and pencil has an 1867 patent mark. It is a lovely Victorian pen. The barrel sports some kind of black lacquer over a diamond pattern. We assume (potentially wrongly) that the barrel is made of brass with gold-filled ends. The section could very well be made of gold and has an identical pattern as the barrel. However, the section is stamped with the maker name of "L.W. Fairchild & Co." (The bottom of the L is a weak imprint and looks like a T.) The large No. 6 14k gold nib is marked LeRoy W Fairchild. It is a fantastic Spencerian nib that writes fine to 2mm with plenty of flex! Click the headline for close-ups. We don't know if the pencil still works, but the tube still extends and retracts. Minimal wear on the pen and its pieces, possibly some brassing or stubborn tarnish. Look closely at the nib stand-alone photo. There might be the start of a crack in the bottom or left shoulder of the nib. 9.5cm closed.