Pencil: Waterman 14k Gold Gothic

Pencil: 5016 Waterman 14k Gold Gothic
Era: 1920-1929
Price: $299.99
Marked 14k gold are both the ruggedly handsome Gothic-style overlay and the pocket clip on this vintage Waterman's pencil. The only wear on the gold overlay is near the top of the pencil, just below the blind cap on the back side. You will find the name "O.V. Traggardh" engraved on the pencil, but wouldn't you engrave it, too, if you could afford a solid 14k gold pencil in the 1920s...or even now! Under the overlay is black hard rubber. There's a little chocolate hazing. Twist the nose cone to advance the 1.1mm lead. Click the headline for a close-up, and you can see a little chip missing from the tip of the nose cone. Unscrew the tail cap to reveal a spare lead. 13cm.