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Pre-Owned Pens: 5765 Kaco Master
Filling Mechanism: Cartridge/Converter
Era: 1980-present   Fountain Pen Nib Size: XF
Price: $59.99
Pre-Owned Pens: 5765: Kaco: Master
NEW OLD STOCK! You can't see it in the photo, but there is a sticker still on the back of the cap. The pen looks perfect and comes with its original tube. The tube has a long scratch, but is otherwise fine. Click the headline for close-ups. Even the included converter is ink-free. We did not dip the pen to test it, as we didn't want to ruin the NOS factor. You will see the two-tone steel nib is marked EF for extra-fine. It is a nice, big red pen. 15.4cm capped.
Vintage Pens: 5766 Hi Writer Fountain Pen
Filling Mechanism: Lever Filler
Era: 1920-1929   Fountain Pen Nib Size: SF
Price: $49.99
Vintage Pens: 5766: Hi Writer: Fountain Pen
A third-tier pen with first-tier semi-flex quality is difficult to find. However, our Hi Writer pen from what looks like the 1920s has just that. We restored this vintage pen with a new ink sac. What will dazzle you most is the smooth medium steel nib that gently flexes to about 1mm wide. Click the headline for close-ups. Yeah, the nib looks rough. If we polished it, it would lose all of its gold plating. Otherwise the pen has some minor marks and stains. The pocket clip is and comes out if you pull it out in a Z shape. 12.7cm capped.
Vintage Pens: 5764 Parker Vacumatic
Filling Mechanism: Vacuum Filler
Era: 1930-1939   Fountain Pen Nib Size: XF
Price: $249.99
Vintage Pens: 5764: Parker: Vacumatic
Among the standard colors of the Parker Vacumatic, burgundy is the most difficult to find. Our vintage pen set is a little unique, as the pen marked 1938 sports a lock-down filler that doesn't lock down. We think is is a marriage of parts by some old repair many years ago. It works well now with a new diaphragm. It is difficult to see in the photo, but the barrel clarity is nice and not badly ambered. Just a little ambered. No cracks. The cap has a black jewel and the tail's blind cap has a burgundy jewel. The two-toned 14k gold nib is still two-toned. It writes a dry, extra-fine line that needs some breaking in if you were planning to write with it. The matching pencel works well and has a 1940 date. It is pre-loaded with a 1.1mm lead, a hardened eraser but no spare leads. It, too, shows a little wear from use.
Pre-Owned Pens: 5758 Mont Blanc Boheme Paso Doble Rouge
Filling Mechanism: Cartridge/Converter
Era: 1980-present   Fountain Pen Nib Size: M
Price: $2,999.99
Pre-Owned Pens: 5758: Mont Blanc: Boheme Paso Doble Rouge
Among the most elegant of the Montblanc Boheme line is the Montblanc Boheme Paso Doble Rouge. This sold out Montblanc special edition pays tribute to the Latin American dance. Ours was only gently used and shows light wear. Its engraved platinum-plated trim sports a red lacquer finish and a red-stone in the pocket clip. Guaranteed authentic, it comes with its original boxes. Unfortunately, its booklet has gone missing. Its 18k gold nib has a medium point. We love the action that smoothly extends and retracts the nib like an old-fashioned safety pen. 11cm retracted and capped.
Vintage Pens: 5763 Parker Deluxe Challenger
Filling Mechanism: Button Filler
Era: 1930-1939   Fountain Pen Nib Size: F
Price: $149.99
Vintage Pens: 5763: Parker: Deluxe Challenger
At the height of the Great Depression, Parker needed a lower tier pen to help meet market demand for new pens that weren't as expensive as its flagship Vacumatics. Enter the Parker Challenger. This is actually a slightly higher-end version known as the Parker Challenger Deluxe. It is a slightly larger pen using the old Parker Duofold filling mechanism. It also has some sweet art deco design. We restored this one with a new ink sac. It has minimal brassing and no cracks. Only light wear and discoloration, too. You will write a dry, fine line with its 14k gold nib. 12.9cm capped.
Pre-Owned Pens: 5753 Mont Blanc Daniel DeFoe
Filling Mechanism: Piston Filler
Era: 1980-present   Fountain Pen Nib Size: M
Price: $999.99
Pre-Owned Pens: 5753: Mont Blanc: Daniel DeFoe
In 2014 the Montblanc Writers Series Daniel Defoe fountain pen paid tribute to the great author of "Robinson Crusoe," "Moll Flanders" and "A Journal of the Plague Year." The early 18th century author has managed to keep readers engaged for more than 300 years! This pre-owned luxury pen leans heavily on images from "Robinson Crusoe." Our pen appears to be New Old Stock with no sign of ink or use. It comes complete with its book-shaped boxes and booklet. We don't see any trace of wear on the pen. The inner book box has a slight dog-ear corner on the back cover. Click the headline for close-ups.
Vintage Pens: 5762 Parker Challenger Deluxe
Filling Mechanism: Button Filler
Era: 1930-1939   Fountain Pen Nib Size: M
Price: $149.99
Vintage Pens: 5762: Parker: Challenger Deluxe
Deep candy-apple red and black marbling make for a dynamic design on this Parker Challenger Deluxe. Our vintage pen has been fully restored with a new ink sac. There's some brassing on the ball of the clip and a circle of wear to the right of the clip near the top of the cap. Otherwise it is in great condition with no cracks and otherwise light wear from use. You will write a very smooth, wet medium line with its 14k gold nib. It has 1935 date codes. Click the headline for close-ups. 12.8cm capped.
Pre-Owned Pens: 5732 Omas Galileo
Filling Mechanism: Piston Filler
Era: 1980-present   Fountain Pen Nib Size: F
Price: $999.99
Pre-Owned Pens: 5732: Omas: Galileo
Italian scientist and astronomer Galileo Galilei is best remembered for further confirming that the earth revolves around the sun, discovering the phases of Venus, discovering the rings of Saturn and 4 of Jupiter's moons. He was also a physicist and engineer. Nearly 400 years after his death, a pen was made in his honor: the Omas Galileo. This New Old Stock limited edition pen comes in a lucite case shaped like one of his telescope lenses. Complete with boxes and papers the "Paragon" shaped pen looks as if it has lightning streaking through its black cap and barrel. The piston still operates smoothly. You can click the headline to see its two-tone 18k gold nib with a fine point. 14.1cm capped.
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