Pre-Owned Pens: Delta Indigenous People--Inuit

Pre-Owned Pens: 1798 Delta Indigenous People--Inuit
Era: 1980-present
Price: $299.99
Delta celebrated the native cultures of the world with its Indigenous People series. This is the company's tribute to the Inuit, who spanned the arctic in Russia, Canada and Greenland. The Delta Indigenous People Inuit came out in 2003. Ours has a resin cap and barrel with vermeil accents. The ink sac has been replaced, as it is a rare modern lever filler. The 18k gold nib started as a medium, but it has been refashioned into a 1mm italic cursive writer! It has some delicious line variation for that size. No cracks. Excellent condition, with a little ink staining inside the cap. Numbered 0429 of 1576. Complete with papers, box and nearly full bottle of ink. The book has an error in which the space for company photos of the Inuit pen includes duplicate images from the "Native Americans" section. 14.2cm capped.