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Inkwells and Blotters: 3094 Deer Inkwell
Era: 1920-1929
Price: $79.99
Inkwells and Blotters: 3094: Deer Inkwell
Cast iron creates a ruggedly handsome deer inkwell set. Its antlers are pen holders. It has a pressed glass inkwell without a lid. It probably weighs more than a pound. No markings of manufacture are to be found. It is about 5-inches wide, 7.5 inches long and 5.5 inches tall. It looks as if it is covered with a fine mist of rust, but it doesn't look rusty in a gross way...if that makes any sense. Extra shipping charges might apply for overseas shipping.
Inkwells and Blotters: IB0029 Unknown Brass Inkwell
Era: 1910-1919
Price: $75.00
Inkwells and Blotters: IB0029: Unknown: Brass Inkwell
Art nouveau elegantly sprawls and swirls brass into a remarkable design that will be the center piece of your desk. The glass inkwell holds about an ounce of ink. There are a few little blemishes on the glass, but it is in very good shape. The brass pattern features a butterfly in the tray. The entire piece is 20cm long and about 7cm tall.
Inkwells and Blotters: IB0003 Brass Senorita Inkwell
Era: 1910-1919
Price: $299.00
Inkwells and Blotters: IB0003: Brass Senorita: Inkwell
Gorgeous beyond the photo's ability to show, this clever brass inkwell disguises the ink supply under the woman's hair. There are no identifying marks other than "183" on the bottom of the piece. Given the general age of this inkwell, it is in remarkable condition with few significant dings, chips or faded paint. The small glass inner inkwell is without chips or cracks. The bronze measures W: 19.5cm L: 14cm H: 5cm. The glass inner well measures W: 3.7cm H: 3.3cm.