Nathaniel Cerf thepenmarket
Photo by Zlatka Burtis.

ThePenMarket.com is a place where folks can buy, sell and trade pens of any era. It’s for collectors, newbies to fountain pens and people just looking to sell the nice pen they no longer want rattling around their desk.

The business got its start in South Dakota, when owner Nathaniel Cerf learned the art of vintage pen restoration from a former pen repairman he met while teaching a fencing class. (If nothing else, he could say the bond between pen collectors is mightier than the sword.) Cerf, a fountain pen junkie since the age of 9 when he discovered his late grandfather’s old Sheaffer Lifetime, quickly mastered fixing lever-fillers, button-fillers, Touchdowns and Vacumatic pens.

With more classic pens than he could possibly use, Cerf began selling them at an antique store. Surprised by the success of that venture and the lack of places to buy pens online, Cerf expanded the business to the internet. Moving to the Chicagoland area and teaming with the web gurus at Computer Friendly Associates, ThePenMarket.com is one of the fastest growing pen retailers in the country and an ever-evolving place to better suit the needs of pen fans everywhere.

Providing the best possible customer service is our #1 goal. If there is a special pen you seek, let us know, and we will help you try to find it. If you have any questions about our merchandise or services, please don’t hesitate to call or send us an e-mail.