Vintage Pens: Sheaffer Admiral

Vintage Pens: 2119 Sheaffer Admiral
Era: 1950-1959
Price: $149.99
Rube Goldberg, himself, couldn't have designed a better fountain pen than the Sheaffer Snorkel. This Sheaffer Admiral comes in the rarer "buckskin" color and has a restored filling system with a good ink sac and brand new O-ring and point seal. To fill these awesome pens, you push in on the tail cap and unscrew until it clicks. You will see the snorkel extending from under the 14k monotone gold nib. Pull up the tail cap, dip the snorkel tip in ink and push down on the tail cap with your finger. Bubbles, or old ink, will come out of the snorkel. Wait a second or two, and pull the snorkel out of the water and screw the snorkel back into the pen by turning the tail cap clockwise. There are a couple little stains on the back of the cap, but, the pen is, otherwise, nearly perfect. The nib writes a very smooth 1950s Sheaffer extra-fine line. More like a modern Japanese regular fine, today. 14.3cm capped.