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Delta Dolce Vita Oversize $500

We've Got a Flexi Beast!

Our latest Wahl-Eversharp Personal Point pen has a fairly rare 14k gold nib that is stamped "Flexible." It writes an insanely smooth medium to juicy 2mm or a little more. Fully restored, this is an incredible vintage pen.

Visit our pre-owned luxury pens pages, and you will see a growing assortment of Signum pens from Italy. In addition to being great writing instruments, you'll be dazzled by their colors.

Parker Vacumatics are always sure to warm our filling-system obsessed hearts. We have a great one from 1945 with an extra-fine nib. We restored it just the other day, and it will be a great work horse.

Italian luxury takes front and center with our pre-owned pens. This one is a pearl-grey stunner. It is the Signum Nova fountain pen. If the color doesn't knock your socks off, the buttery smooth nib will.

We added a pair of Sheaffer ballpoints for this sleep Sunday. One is a brushed steel Targa. The other is a minty fresh blue Balance II. Both come with smooth working refills.

Celebrate St. Valentine's Day in style with a fantastic NOS Sheaffer Imperial fountain pen in our vintage pens pages. It has a TouchDown filler and the sought-after, super-smooth dolphin nib. Or write the best love letters with a juicy broad nib that is buttery smooth on our stunningly translucent-blue Sheaffer Connaisseur.

Most people hope that their vintage pens looks just like they rolled off the assembly line. Fans of our Conklin Endura Symetrik fountain pen and pencil set will not be disappointed. An incredible green celluloid practically glows with its minty radiance. It even has a semi-flex nib!

If you like ultra-rare two-tone Parker Duofold nibs, you'll like our vintage pen of the day. It is a streamlined Parker Duofold Jr. set with that killer nib. Yet, if you prefer buttery smooth fine-medium nibs, you'll go gaga for our stunning Waterman L'Etalon!

Looking for more rare Parker 51s? We have a Flighter set that includes a fountain pen and pencil. The pen is a classic aerometric filler. The brushed-steel is in great condition. Perfect for display or use as a vintage pen.

Visit our vintage pen pages to find a complete set of harder-to-find Parker 51 Signet pens and pencils. These are the gold-filled models of the pen from the early 1950s. They include a fountain pen, ballpoint and pencil! Buy them individually or together.

Sheaffer Connaisseur pens offer the best of 1920s sensibility with more modern insides and a dreamy, smooth 18k gold nib. It even comes with its original converter. A pre-owned luxury pen classic.

We have a great Parker Duofold Centennial fountain pen. It looks like new, and it has a smooth, medium nib. Ideal for business and pleasure.

We've been selling out of Parker 51 fountain pens a lot lately, and we finally got in a small collection for your pleasure. It starts with a few very nice gold-filled cap models.

Have you always wanted to learn the art and science of restoring a vintage pen? Visit our blog to learn the joys of restoring a lever-filling fountain pen! Check out our pen repairs made easy.

Sheaffer Triumph pens are some of the highest-end TouchDown filler pens made between 1949 and 1952. We have a great one that is dent-free but engraved on our vintage pens page. Fully restored, it writes well and is ready for action.

We have added to pens with mixed parts to our vintage pens pages. First up is a handsome black oversized Sheaffer Balance with an oversized two-tone Parker Vacumatic Maxima nib! Then there's a Parker 51 with a vacumatic body and aerometric cap! Both fun and fully restored.

Our last Sheaffer Targa for a little while is the harder to find Imperial Brass model. It is in great condition, without any dents or deep scratches. Better yet, it writes sooo delightfully smoothly with a fine point nib of 14k gold.

Want to learn more about identifying fake Montblanc pens? Our latest blog post gets into 2 recent phonies that a customer gave us to share with you.

Few things are as stunning a heavy, solid sterling silver Parker Duofold Esparto fountain pen. We have one that looks new in the box. Comes with all of its boxes. You need to see it to believe it.

Everybody needs a great pen and pencil set, and we've just added three different colors of the Waterman Laureat line! Start a collection or make them your daily drivers.

Wow. Our Waterman Phileas pens sold out quickly. Today we add a couple more, along with some Waterman Experts. All of them are great looking, dependable daily drivers. Be sure to check them out in our preowned pens section.

Waterman Phileas pens remain extremely popular after their discontinuation. We bring you three of these great, affordable pens: 2 fountain pens and 1 rollerball. Great preowned pens for daily use.

We take half the work out of starting a serious Waterman Hemisphere pencil collection with 4 different color models that are in great working order. Most of them are in great, aesthetic condition. Best of all, they are quite affordable.

Difficult decisions must be made in life, and we're choosing--right or wrong--to start calling the Sheaffer Targa a vintage writing instrument. The oldest ones are more than 40 years old, and most pen newbies are decidedly in the "vintage" camp. As the owner of the company now qualifies as vintage by that definition, he boldly asserts vintage is distinguished and not a slur. And while "OK Boomer" doesn't quite apply to him...c'mon, the writing's on the wall. OK X'ers. :)

Sheaffer made an almost mythical pen in the Half-Balance, which married a Balance cap with the older flat-tailed barrel design. It is nearly impossible to verify an original vs. a pen made from parts. Whatever ours is, it is priced to sell and will deliver lots of extra-fine line writing pleasure.

Presidential pens are often discussed on these pages. We have a souvenir pen from the White House in the 1980s with a copy of Ronald Reagan's signature on it. A Parker Classic ballpoint pen that we are making an honorary vintage pen.

Sheaffer Legacy pens are reliable head-turners, but the Emperor's Silver model might take your breath away. We added a rollerball version and will be adding a fountain pen model on Saturday!

If fountain pens frighten you off, check out our bargain on a preowned Montblanc ballpoint Classique. It is in great working order, and it costs only a fifth of the new pen's price!

Complete with its original boxes and a converter, we have a Montblanc Classique 144 from the 1970s. Though it might have been dipped or filled once, we think it is new old stock. Cool monotone 18k gold nib!

We've wanted to carry oblique stub nibs in the 2000-model of pens from Lamy for ages, and now we can finally offer them. Coming in black makrolon, our Lamy 2000 is brand new, direct from the factory in Germany!

If you like putting the caps-lock down on the word RARE when defining your collection, check out our Parker Duofold desk pen in MANDARIN YELLOW with a carved wooden desk base featuring a FISH! Works well, writes great. You will love.

Sheaffer Targa pens are always attractive, but this one made from sterling silver really sets a high bar. Paired with a buttery smooth extra-fine nib, it will steal your heart for sure.

We added a couple more bargains on Montblanc pens. Each is a more modern design that will be sure to turn heads in new-old-stock condition. A fountain pen and a ballpoint. You better snatch them up quickly.

Little pens don't often turn heads, but our Waterman Lady Agathe is no ordinary pen. Its stunning color scheme looks as if will be the most impressive part of the fountain pen, but then you try the nib and have a brief glimpse into heaven.

Regardless of whether you like your Waterman pens modern or vintage, this is your lucky day. Our vintage pens page has a very nice Waterman #5 from the late 1920s. Our preowned luxury pens page has an oh-so-smooth Waterman Edson in ruby red!

One of the most easily recognized status symbols of the world, the Montblanc 149, is a beautiful German writing instrument. We have a great one from the 1970s, complete with its box. Such a smooth writer!

Did Montblanc know that it would confuse a lot of "Star Wars"-loving pen fans with a name like Starwalker? Regardless, we have a nearly mint Montblanc Starwalker ballpoint pen.

From the Great White North of Canada comes a classic Sheaffer 5-30 Balance pen from the 1930s. This vintage pen has been fully restored, and it writes a delightfully smooth extra-fine line.

Damascus steel is a rare and beautiful early form of steel. William Henry uses it to decorate its luxury pens. We have a great deal on one such William Henry Chablis ballpoint on our preowned luxury pens pages.

Sheaffer pen fans will like our immaculate pre-owned Targa. It looks minty fresh, and it has a working original squeeze-bar converter. Looks like it just stepped out of the 1980s.

Usher in the new '20s with a classic from the Roaring '20s! We have a stunning oversized Big Red Parker Duofold waiting for you on our Vintage Pens page. All original parts and a dreamy smooth medium nib. It really is the cat's pajamas.

Holy cats! We just got the rarest of Lamy nibs for Safari and AL-Star pens in stock. You can find the rare "Left Hand" steel nib from Lamy, AND two-tone 14k gold Oblique Medium and Oblique Broad nibs also for the Safari and AL-Stars! Snatch 'em up fast because we doubt we'll ever see more.

Entrancing azure blue celluloid casts its spell on this Parker Vacumatic Major from the 1940s. Fully restored, it writes a remarkable "Japanese-style" extra-fine line very smoothly.

Vintage Pelikan pen collectors will love our 1950s tortie Pelikan 400NN! Fully restored with a new piston seal, this classic, gold-nibbed fountain pen is a joy with which to write and stare at.

Oh, sure. Everybody knows the stylistic design masterpiece known as the Rotring 600 fountain pen. But, have you ever seen the Rotring 700? We have this more uncommon gem on our pre-owned pens page!

Do you have a beautiful pastel blue Esterbrook Purse Pen? We have one that comes with a box and instructions. Fully restored with a new ink sac, it is ready for daily use but stunning enough for display.

We have a lovely looking BHR Morrison's Black Beauty on our vintage pens page. We've lowered the price and improved the photos for your purchasing pleasure.

Chicago just wasn't cold enough for us, so we're moving to Wisconsin! What?! During the holiday season?! Yeah, yeah. We know. But what's that old John Lennon saying, "Life's what happens when you're making other plans." True love is a good enough reason to go for the holidays and beyond. Sooo, in the meantime, please be patient with us as we take a couple days to pack, move and unpack. Thanks!

Mont Blanc pens are among the most popular in the world, and we think you are really going to like our deals on our latest Montblanc pen additions to the website. All of them are in great working order.

Vintage pen fanatics will rejoice with the arrival of our beautiful and rare Conklin fountain pen that isn't an Endura or Symmetrik but a lower tier pen that is hard to find.

Retro 51 are among the most popular "new" pens of the past couple decades. With colorful and creative designs, modern pen lovers have been snatching them up. We are now offering many of the rarer early versions of these preowned pens.

If you haven't visited our Trading Post in a while, we have at least a dozen new offerings posted within the past week. These pens are sold directly by their owners, and the Trading Post is a great place for you to sell some of your treasures for waaaaay cheaper than certain popular auction sites.

Vintage pen aficionados might love a Parker VP, which meant Very Personal. It was the foundation pen that set the state for the Parker 75. We just added another working one...this time with a gold-filled cap!

Enjoy a minty-fresh Sheaffer Balance set in an almost entirely clean (not discolored) pearl-and-black design. Both writing instruments are oversized. The pen writes a great medium line with a very firm nib. A must for vintage pen lovers.

Who doesn't want a Parker 51 to be dent free? Especially when it is a gold-filled Signet model? Our latest vintage pen looks marvelous, and it is in great working order, too!

Don't wait until summer to go snorkeling. Check out our Sheaffer Clipper Snorkel fountain pen. Fully restored, it is a handsome edition to your collection. It comes complete with its box and papers!

We really like the classic cordovan brown color on our Parker 51. You can find it on our vintage pens page. It is fully restored and ready to write or display!

Classic 1920s' Waterman #7 pens are very popular with their flex nibs like this "Red" model. It has a great minty fresh red ripple design and is fully restored. Yet, the 1.2mm flex in the medium semi-flex nib will really get most collectors going.

Special Edition Pilot Vanishing Point Icicle pens are great for at least psychologically beating the heat. We have one frosty blue wonder that looks great with minimal wear. Such a smooth nib, too!

The Parker Sonnet in "Chinese Laque Amber" is a stunner for ballpoint pen fans. Definitely are rarer color for the line, we think these are the most beautiful of the Sonnets.

Our latest Parker 180 has an incredible cross-cut design in gold plate! Definitely one of the rarer models, it is beautiful to look at in its nearly flawless state. Of course, the double-sided nib is a great draw. Great vintage pen.

We were surprised by how quickly people snatched up our Parker 45 click ballpoints. Our final one just posted, and it is a handsome black and steel design. The cap clicks, which is our favorite feature.

Parker 180 fountain pens were a really clever invention. It has a single nib that writes two different widths. Our green one writes an extra-fine line AND a smooth medium!

Remember, ThePenMarket.com also is your home for great vintage pen restoration. All customer repairs move to the front of the repair line, which means we plan on maintaing our one-to-two week turnaround time on your pens!

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