New Pens » Lamy » 2000 Stainless Steel

Modern design was at the forefront in Germany in the 1960s, and it is no surprise Lamy created this sleek fountain pen that is still popular today. The Lamy 2000 was originally invented in 1966. If you notice how it incorporates Bauhaus principles, that is because it was designed by famed Bauhaus specialist Gerd A. Muller. This classic pen also comes in a rollerball, ballpoint and pencil.

New Pens » Lamy » 2000 Black

How do you update an award-winning modern design? Change the color and improve the features. This pen uses a black brushed-steel look to update the classic Bauhaus-inspired stainless steel of the original. The fountain pen update also includes an ink-viewing window to let you know when you are about to go dry. This pen also comes in a rollerball, ballpoint and pencil.

New Pens » Lamy » Safari

Quite possibly the world's most beloved modern pen, the Lamy Safari is ideal for everyone, from beginners looking for a good and affordable first fountain pen experience to pen devotees looking for a rugged travel pen for all of their adventures. Made with durable plastics in colors ranging from bright and playful to serious and professional, the Safari is the pen for all occasions. Try a Lamy Safari today. You won't regret it.

New Pens » Lamy » Al-Star

Cleverly named the Lamy AL-Star, playing on the periodic table of elements, these aluminum writing instruments are tough and dependable writers for use in the office or on the road. Using modern design to perfection, these pens and pencils are sure to make a statement.