Vintage Pens: Parker Duofold

Vintage Pens: 5535 Parker Duofold
Era: 1920-1929   Fountain Pen Nib Size: M
Price: $139.99
In many ways, the Parker Duofold revolutionized the way we write. Matching utility with style, it was THE pen of the 1920s. A fabulous writer that held a lot of ink that was easy to refill, these were the first pens to introduce a color other than black, gold and silver. Unfortunately, the jade green of this pen is heavily discolored with substantial brassing, but it is still solidly built, fully restored with a new ink sac and writes very nicely. Its 14k gold nib is a Duofold replacement nib of the 1930s. You will write a firm, smooth medium line that might lean a little more toward the broad side of medium. No cracks. Click the headline, and you can see a tiny chip in the edge of the section near the nib. 13.6cm capped.