Pre-Owned Pens: Conklin Duragraph

Pre-Owned Pens: 5605 Conklin Duragraph
Era: 1980-present   Fountain Pen Nib Size: Stub
Price: $49.99
Resurrected from the grave, Conklin has come back to us for nearly 20 years! This stunning Conklin Duragraph is a revival pen that uses a standard international cartridge or converter. It comes with a converter and its original boxes. It looks almost new. Best of all, it has the upgraded Omniflex nib. Click the headline for a close-up. Frankly, the nib isn't that flexi. It is pretty rigid. However, the point is a bit stubby and can get you from a skinny to a 1mm wide line. It will have some feedback. 13.9cm capped.