Pre-Owned Pens: Mont Blanc Mythical Creatures Series Blue Lion

Pre-Owned Pens: 1992 Mont Blanc Mythical Creatures Series Blue Lion
Era: 1980-present
Price: $1,250.00  Was: $1,499.99
Buddhists believe that the blue lion is a symbol of wisdom, enlightenment and strength. It is the chosen creature of Bodhissatva Manjusri. As an extremely limited edition Mont Blanc fountain pen, it is exquisite. Mint, never used in its original boxes. Hand-painted porcelain by the incredible artisans of Germany's Meissen company represent 300 years of Europe's finest porcelain traditions. The gold-plated barrel and 18k gold medium nib are unused. Neither the nib nor the converter in the pen show any trace of ink. It also comes with a book about the blue lion and Meissen's craftsmanship. Click the headline for close-ups. This 2003 edition marks the beginning of this series of mythical creature pens.