Vintage Pens: Mont Blanc Sterling Silver Pix

Vintage Pens: 2597 Mont Blanc Sterling Silver Pix
Era: 1930-1939
Price: $499.99
Golfing will never be the same when you keep score with a sterling silver 1930s Mont Blanc Pix mechanical pencil. Click the headline to see the imprint and logo. Although the etchings on it are a little faded in places, its six sides each show a different pattern. The pencil is a click pencil. It uses 1.1mm lead. The lead advance mechanism seems to work well. The clip is a little sprung that doesn't quite fit flush against the barrel of the pencil. A spare lead is in the space under the clicker, which is where an eraser would be...if it had an eraser. Lots of light wear, shallow scratches no dents. 9.5cm.