Vintage Pens: Sheaffer Admiral

Vintage Pens: 3406 Sheaffer Admiral
Era: 1950-1959
Price: $125.00
To combat the whining and complaining of a public rapidly converting to ballpoint pens so they wouldn't have ink-stained fingers from wiping off their freshly refilled fountain pens, Sheaffer when hard to work making an ingeniously overengineered mess-free filling system called the Snorkel. Originally released in 1952, these pens were Sheaffer's top sellers in the 1950s. Our fully restored Sheaffer Admiral is particularly unique because is is the fairly rare tan-pink color known as "Buckskin." (Remember this is the decade of Davy Crockett movies and westerns.) Click the headline to see the other rarity...a nib stamped with a "52." We have never seen such an imprint. The "M2" signifies a finer grade of medium. If 52 was to signify its year of production, the snorkel is made of steel, not 14k gold like the first year pens were equipped. New ink sac, O-ring and point seal. The nib writes a nice, firm, wet medium line. No cracks, strong imprint. Excellent condition. 14.2cm capped.