Vintage Pens: Esterbrook Unknown

Vintage Pens: 3690 Esterbrook Unknown
Era: 1960-1979
Price: $29.99
Esterbrook stayed on the cutting edge with cartridge pens, after their successful J-series run in the 1950s. We don't know the model name of this Esterbrook cartridge pen, but is is an early cartridge filler in grey and chrome. Although gently used, there are very few significant traces of wear on this vintage pen. Definitely no cracks or deep scratches. It even comes with an empty original cartridge, which is fortunate, as there are no longer any Esterbrook cartridges for sale brand new and full. It writes with a steel 1461 nib that is an uncharacteristically super smooth fine line in our hands. That weird dunces cap shaped plastic thing in front of the pen was wedged in the section. We don't know if that was meant to regulate inkflow through the pen, but you get it with the pen, just in case. 12.8cm capped.