Vintage Pens: Wahl-Eversharp Personal Point

Vintage Pens: 3700 Wahl-Eversharp Personal Point
Era: 1930-1939
Price: $99.99
Eversharp made a stunner of a pen in the 1930s with its Personal Point line of pens. Focusing on nib customization, these pens originally had nibs that screwed in and out...10 years ahead of the more famous Esterbrook pens and Pelikan pens of today. Dozens of nib sizes and characteristics were available. This standard-size pen has a later model Skyline nib retrofit into the pen. YET, it is still a right-handed OBLIQUE STUB! It is a very small stub width, but it is still nice. We find it writes smoothly, if you're right-handed, with subtle line variation from XF to .5mm wide. No cracks mar the pen, but the cap is definitely darker than the barrel. Still, with that nib, it is a great bargain. Fully restored. 12cm capped.