Vintage Pens: Morrison’s Black Beauty

Vintage Pens: 1025 Morrison’s Black Beauty
Era: 1930-1939
Price: $99.99  Was: $134.99
Morrison's fountain pens were a 2nd tier contender out of New York. Its vintage pen model "Black Beauty," photographed here, is clearly a nod to the famous novel, as there is a horse's head and neck engraved on the barrel in the logo. This pen would become known as the Patriot during World War II, but these 1930s models were made of black hard rubber, given golden trim accents and a steel nib. This model, has its original gold-plated steel nib! 90% or more of the plating is gone, but you can still see it in the stamped engraving. It writes a nice fine line without any pressure, but with pressure it gets a tad scratchy. We replaced the ink sac and the J-bar with a new, hand-fashioned brass one made in our shop. As the new J-bar doesn't put as much pressure against the lever filler, the lever is a little loose. No cracks, some chocolate hazing. The top of the cap has a great art nouveau topper in a deep, dark, yellowy-orange. 13.2cm capped.