Vintage Pens: Parker Vacumatic

Vintage Pens: 3746 Parker Vacumatic
Era: 1940-1949
Price: $110.00
Incredible sums of money were invested at the height of the Great Depression to invent the Parker Vacumatic and bring it to market. Our azure blue Parker Vacumatic Major is a fully restored pen with new diaphragm. The grand invention was a hollow barrel with a rubber diaphragm in the tail to fill the entire pen with ink! You know the Nike sneakers the basketball players pump up...Parker came up with the idea 70 years before Nike. One of the rarer features about this vintage pen is its "stacked coins" cap band! You can see through the ambered barrel to tell how much ink remains inside it. No cracks or engravings. The cap and barrel show wear from daily use. You'll see its biggest flaw is a pregnant tail where the filling unit rests. It obscures the date code. Yet, the blind cap is perfectly flush with the barrel. Its 14k gold nib writes a Japanese extra-fine line smoothly when you find the sweet spot. 12.8cm capped.