Vintage Pens: Parker 51 Desk Set

Vintage Pens: 4122 Parker 51 Desk Set
Era: 1940-1949   Fountain Pen Nib Size: XF
Price: $99.99
Make your desk truly executive-looking with a Parker 51 desk set! Fully restored vacumatic-filling Parker 51s. Their trumpets are magnetic balls attached to the base! Both pens have extra-fine nibs made of 14k gold. It's a married set. The pens look identical except the one made in 1947 has a golden centerband on its clutch ring. The other pen is from 1946. The '46 nib is very smooth with good flow. The 1947 nib is drier, smooth...but little feedback. Each pen has a couple little scratches and scuffs but no cracks. They'd look flawless to someone sitting across from you at a desk. One trumpet is slightly smaller than the other and has some warping. Its pen doesn't go as deep as the other pen into its trumpet, BUT it does form a snug fit for the pen not to dry out. The golden trumpet bases show wear and discolored spots not picked up in the photos. There's a chip in the front right corner of the base. It has brown felt underneath.