Pencil: Sheaffer CB

Pencil: 5183 Sheaffer CB
Era: 1920-1929
Price: $99.99
Ever wonder what it would be like to walk into an old stationary shop or jewelry store where they sold pens and pencils in the 1920s? Our Sheaffer CB might give you a small taste, as it is still stickered and from a jewelry store that closed in the 1920s! No doubt they intended to sell it and then engrave it. This gold-filled pencil still works and looks brand new, aside from a hint of shop wear, which is pretty amazing for a 100-year-old pencil. Twist the top crown to advance and retract a 1.1mm lead. Pull out the crown to reveal a hardened, unused, original eraser with spare leads beneath it. 12.9cm.