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Vintage Pens: 4626 Parker 75ish
Filling Mechanism: Cartridge/Converter
Era: 1960-1979   Fountain Pen Nib Size: SF
Price: $75.00
Vintage Pens: 4626: Parker: 75ish
On the surface, this looks like the classic Parker 75 in sterling silver with the "cisele" design. Made in France and completely dent-free, you'll find a little wear on the "cap band" and top tassie. There are monotone golden dinner plate ends on the pen. Yet, once you pull off the cap, you'll see what looks to us like a Premier-model section and 14k gold nib. The Premier kept a similar nib to the 75, but the section—grip—is more rounded than the triangular 75 sections. With a light touch, the nib writes a very dry, extra-fine line. HOWEVER, it has a springy nib that when used slowly and gently has some nice flex. There's a little feedback, but it is worth the semi-flex ability. It fills with modern Parker converters and cartridges, but it comes with neither. Click the headline for close-ups. 12.9cm capped.
Vintage Pens: 4616 Parker Parker Duofold Set
Filling Mechanism: Button Filler
Era: 1920-1929   Fountain Pen Nib Size: M
Price: $249.99
Vintage Pens: 4616: Parker: Parker Duofold Set
Marriage is what bwings us togethah today. Our photo unintentionally hides the fact this senior Parker Duofold Big Red is really a married cap and barrel. In real life, it is obvious that the cap is the rarer, harder to find original hard-rubber cap and the barrel is "Permanite." As is the senior pencil. Nevertheless, we restored the pen with a new ink sac to good working order. No cracks, but some substantial brassing on the cap band. Light wear from use on the rest of the pen. Its inkfeed is an original "Christmas tree" feed. Its 14k gold nib writes a fine to medium line with a little feedback, depending at the angle you hold your pen as you write. We find the pencil is in good, unrestored working order. It has some brassing or discoloration on the nose cone and rear trim. Its permanite barrel shows more wear than the pen. Comes with 1 1.1mm lead and a mostly broken and hardened eraser in the tail.
Vintage Pens: 4559 Parker Duofold International
Filling Mechanism: Button Filler
Era: 1920-1929   Fountain Pen Nib Size: F
Price: $299.99
Vintage Pens: 4559: Parker: Duofold International
So close to perfection, it is painful. Tragically, this otherwise mint condition Parker Duofold senior fountain pen made of orange hard rubber, has a triangle shaped hole in its side where the rubber blew apart. We super-glued Humpty Dumpty back together, and it looks like a museum piece with the cap closed. Such sharp, crisp milling on the cap and tail ends! No brassing. An original "Christmas tree" inkfeed. An original box! We restored the pen with a new ink sac. Its 14k gold original nib writes a smooth fine line. Everything works great. Too bad about the side of the barrel. Its button filler is also pretty chewed up, BUT we think it is solid 14k gold! Click the headline for close-ups. 14.1cm capped.
Vintage Pens: 4517 Parker Oversize Vacumatic
Filling Mechanism: Vacuum Filler
Era: 1940-1949   Fountain Pen Nib Size: XF
Price: $899.99
Vintage Pens: 4517: Parker: Oversize Vacumatic
Perfection is difficult to achieve in vintage pens, but this 1940 Oversize Parker Vacumatic gets close. No cracks, only light wear and incredible barrel clarity with celluloid that is on the light orange-dark yellow spectrum. No brassing. A feint barrel imprint. Close to perfect two-tone plating for the 14k gold nib. (Click the headline for a close-up.) YET, as you can see on the main photo, the name "James A. Kunkel" is engraved on the barrel. We looked up the name, and there are too many James Kunkels to know who owned this specific pen. You'll write an extra-fine line that is a bit dry but can sometimes look fine. Restored and in great working order. Museum worthy rare burgundy...yet, still a good writer. 13.5cm capped.
Vintage Pens: 4515 Parker Oversize Vacumatic
Filling Mechanism: Vacuum Filler
Era: 1930-1939   Fountain Pen Nib Size: F
Price: $299.99
Vintage Pens: 4515: Parker: Oversize Vacumatic
Straight out of 1935 comes this Oversize Parker Vacumatic! It is a handsome, reliable pen in black with gold trim. The love it received is well expressed in the wear on the cap and barrel. No cracks, but there is no hiding that this was a daily driver. Lots of brassing on the cap rings. Fully restored, this pen is in good working condition. Its 2-tone 14k gold nib retains the vast majority of its original plating. Please click the headline for a close-up. The silvery plate is only missing on the leading edges of the shoulders. You will write a firm fine line that is fairly smooth but with the shadow of some feedback. Its lockdown filler still locks down. 13.3cm capped.
Vintage Pens: 4528 Parker Vacumatic Maxima
Filling Mechanism: Vacuum Filler
Era: 1930-1939   Fountain Pen Nib Size: FLEXI
Price: $999.99
Vintage Pens: 4528: Parker: Vacumatic Maxima
OMG! Behold the great grail pen of Parker fanatics....the Parker Vacumatic Maxima WITH a FLEXI nib! This vintage pen is amazing enough with minimal wear and a very clear, though a little ambered, barrel. Its aluminum speedline filler is in good working order. No cracks or brassing. The "name plate" in the jeweler's cap band has a little wonkiness in its plating, but there are no engravings. Yet, we know it's the pen's two-tone 14k gold nib that likely got your attention. You will write a wonderful extra-fine to 1mm line with its great flexibility. Not a wet noodle but definitely flexi, which is so rare in a Parker pen of this era. Some of the plating is coming off the nib. Click the headline for a close-up. 13.5cm capped.
Vintage Pens: 4527 Parker Vacumatic Set
Filling Mechanism: Vacuum Filler
Era: 1930-1939   Fountain Pen Nib Size: XF
Price: $699.99
Vintage Pens: 4527: Parker: Vacumatic Set
In 1936, Fred & Ginger lit up the silver screen in the classic "Swingtime," King Edward VIII abdicated the British throne to marry an American divorcé, television broadcasts first began, Jesse Owens showed up the Nazis in Berlin, Joe DiMaggio was a rookie, FDR won a second term and this Parker Vacumatic standard set in burgundy was made. It was an elegant era, and this pen in many respects marks the pinnacle of art deco design. This particular set is in excellent condition. No cracks, maybe 1% brassing, no scratches, restored and working. Its two-tone 14k has some cosmetic issues. Click the headline to see close-ups. It writes an extra-fine line with a little flex but not much. The matching pencil works great in excellent condition and comes with spare 1.1mm leads. Pen measures 12.8cm capped.
Vintage Pens: 4414 Parker Vacumatic Maxima
Filling Mechanism: Vacuum Filler
Era: 1930-1939   Fountain Pen Nib Size: F
Price: $799.99
Vintage Pens: 4414: Parker: Vacumatic Maxima
Behold the mighty Parker Vacumatic Maxima! A grail pen for many, this large version of the Vacumatic is a rare double-jewel treat. If perfection is an A+, this pen is an A-. Cosmetically, the pen is crack and scratch free. It has a crisp clean imprint. No brassing mars the gold-plated trim. It has been fully restored with a new diaphragm. Under the tail's blind cap is an aluminum speedline filler. The only problems aren't really problems just slight deviations from perfection. Its celluloid barrel is still very transparent, but it has ambered just ever so slightly. Its large 14k gold nib writes a beautiful, smooth fine line, but some of the rhodium plating has worn off to lose its two-tone original look. It will be difficult to find a nicer vintage pen. 13.5cm capped.
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