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Vintage Pens: 3725 Parker VP
Filling Mechanism: Aerometric Filler
Era: 1960-1979
Price: $225.00
Vintage Pens: 3725: Parker: VP
The Parker 75 is one of the most popular fountain pens from the vintage pen era. However, that pen never would have been as popular if it wasn't for its original incarnation as the Parker VP! The V.P. meant Very Personal. What made it and the 75 so personal? The ergonomic section grip AND rotating 14k gold nib! Nibs are stationary in most pens. In the Parker VP, you can carefully rotate the nib in the ergonomical grip to custom fit the writing angle to your hand! Parker only made the pen for a couple years because the glass (or glass-like) ink-view/nipple assembly for the aerometric filler cracked too easily. Luckily for you, the entire filling unit is in great working order on this classic pen. The pen was heavily used and shows wear on the cap and barrel, but there are no cracks. Its original 14k gold nib writes a broad line. Click the headline for a close-up. 13.3cm capped.
Vintage Pens: 3721 Parker 51 Signet
Filling Mechanism: Aerometric Filler
Era: 1950-1959
Price: $249.99
Vintage Pens: 3721: Parker: 51 Signet
Parker 51 fountain pens were already the classy flagship of the company's line in the 1950s, but it really added an extra something else when it made the 14k gold-filled Signet edition! Our vintage pen is DENT FREE! The only wear on the barrel is where the cap closes over the nib! Everything else is either light wear or no wear. It has a great "pli-glass" sac that still looks fairly fresh and works well. You'll write a firm, extra-fine line with its original 14k gold nib. A real treat for using or displaying. 14cm capped.
Vintage Pens: 3724 Parker 51
Filling Mechanism: Vacuum Filler
Era: 1940-1949
Price: $89.99
Vintage Pens: 3724: Parker: 51
In 1947 Jackie Robinson becomes the first African-American to play pro-baseball; Chuck Yeager breaks the sound barrier; the "Black Dahlia" was murdered; the Cold War was coined; Stephen King, the C.I.A and this pen were born! This pen is a Parker 51 in "Cordovan Brown." It features a fully restored Vacumatic filler unit, and it writes an extra-fine line with its 14k gold nib. You can see a little wear and staining on the hood cowling of the nib. Yet, the rest of the pen is in excellent condition with minimal wear, scratching or denting. Even its Lustraloy cap looks good. 13.8cm capped.
Vintage Pens: 3722 Parker 51
Filling Mechanism: Aerometric Filler
Era: 1950-1959
Price: $99.99
Vintage Pens: 3722: Parker: 51
Quite possibly the most popular pen of the vintage pen era is the Parker 51. Designed to be 10 years of its time when released in 1941, it was called the 51. Its most distinguishing feature is the hooded nib, a cowling that prevented the pen from drying out as quickly. In the late 1940s, Parker switched the filling system from a vacumatic filler to an Aerometric filler. This was a squeeze-bar you pinched over a silicone or "pli-glass" ink sac. Our somewhat rarer green Parker 51 is one of the later Aerometric fillers. It comes with a stainless steel "Lustraloy" cap. Our's is in good working order with the original ink sac! These "new" ink sacs seem to nearly last forever. No cracks but a little wear, especially where the cap snugs against the nib cowling and tail. Its 14k gold nib writes an extra-fine to fine line. 13.6cm capped.
Inkwells and Blotters: 3733 Parker Superchrome
Era: 1940-1949
Price: $25.00
Inkwells and Blotters: 3733: Parker: Superchrome
Vintage ink collectors will love this complete Parker Superchrome ink bottle set. Included is a 4-oz. bottle of blue ink (dried out) and the special tin that it rested in. Superchrome was a brilliant and beautiful ink that was far more vibrant than standard inks of the era. However, it was only intended for the Parker 51 with the "pli-glass" ink sacs. That which made it so vibrant was highly acidic and tore through normal ink sacs very quickly, ruining many old pens in the 1940s and '50s. It was discontinued due to its corrosive nature. We've seen a lot of Superchrome bottles over the year but this is one of the first we've seen to come complete with its tin. The tin shows a little rust and wear in places, but it isn't all that bad. EXTRA SHIPPING CHARGES MIGHT APPLY DUE TO THE SIZE AND WEIGHT.
Vintage Pens: 3701 Parker Duofold
Filling Mechanism: Button Filler
Era: 1920-1929
Price: $399.99
Vintage Pens: 3701: Parker: Duofold
Parker Duofolds made such a splash in the 1920s because of their vibrant colors. Our jade green Parker Duofold Senior is fully restored, complete with several rare features. In spite of a little brassing on the cap band, it is a harder to find raised cap band!. You'll find a "Christmas tree" or "spear point" inkfeed under the 14k gold nib, which is also highly desired. ANNNNND, click the headline to see the close up of the rare "Lucky Curve" nib. It writes a firm extra-fine to fine line. It might have a little feedback, but it isn't bad. Fully restored with a new ink sac, it hasn't many flaws. No cracks. Only the discoloration that is clear in the photo. 14cm capped.
Vintage Pens: 3702 Parker Duofold Jr.
Filling Mechanism: Button Filler
Era: 1920-1929
Price: $199.99
Vintage Pens: 3702: Parker: Duofold Jr.
Every jazz daddy in the 1920s needed cutting-edge pen set in orange, and this Parker Duofold Jr fountain pen in "red" hard rubber was the trend setter of the Roaring '20s. Fully restored with new ink sac, this vintage pen is nearly 100 years old with all of its original parts, including the classic "Christmas tree" inkfeed. Click the headline for close-ups. The cap is free of cracks, and it has the slightly raised cap band! The imprint is strong and crisp. The original 14k gold nib writes firm, smooth, juicy medium line. The only flaw on the pen is a teeny hairline crack from the breather down to the word "Duofold." The pencil is a slightly younger model Junior made from "permanite." It still works and comes with a 1.1mm lead, hardened old eraser and several back-up leads. The tail cap doesn't go 100% down but 98% isn't too bad.
Pre-Owned Pens: 3338 Parker Frontier
Filling Mechanism: Ballpoint
Era: 1980-present
Price: $9.99
Pre-Owned Pens: 3338: Parker: Frontier
Many modern office workers love rubber gripped pens, and this Parker Frontier is a workhorse. It looks great, even with a little wear, including some scuffs to the smooth (not sticky) rubber grip. There's a smooth clicker in the tail, and the pen writes with a working black Parker refill. 13.2cm.
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