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William A. Sheaffer founded the Sheaffer Pen Company in 1912. His invention of the lever-filling fountain pen that year revolutionized how fountain pens were filled, and by the 1920s Sheaffer became one of the world's most dominant pen companies. Always innovating filling systems, Sheaffer also created a Vacuum-Fil pen, pneumatic TouchDown filler and pneumatic Snorkel filler that made for the first truly mess-free bottled-ink filling system. Started in Fort Madison, Iowa, the Sheaffer Pen Company today is owned by its one-time rival A.T. Cross.
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Pencil: 4727 Sheaffer PFM-IV
Era: 1960-1979
Price: $49.99
Pencil: 4727: Sheaffer: PFM-IV
In the strata of Sheaffer PFM pens and pencils, the Sheaffer PFM-IV was just one grade below the very top of the line. We love the polished chrome cap with gold-plated accents better than the entirely gold-plated caps of the Sheaffer PFM-Vs. This vintage pencil is in great working order. However, it has some light wear from use. No dents or deep scratches but lots of light, shallow scratches. You might also notice a slight gap between the gold cap band and cap. We tried to move it back into position, but it wouldn't budge. You advance and retract the .9mm lead with a twist of the tail cap. Spare leads and an unused but hardened blue eraser can be found under the blind cap. 12.9cm.
Pencil: 4730 Sheaffer PFM-I
Era: 1960-1979
Price: $39.99
Pencil: 4730: Sheaffer: PFM-I
Burgundy makes for a handsome color on the Sheaffer PFM-I line. New Old Stock! Our vintage pencil has its original chalk marks, even if it has a little light wear from where it was stored over the years. The .9mm lead is a little over extended in the photo just to get the chalk mark to line-up for the photography. Our pencil is in perfect working order. Under the tail cap is a perfect but hardened blue eraser, and under it are spare leads. 12.8cm.
Pencil: 4728 Sheaffer PFM-I
Era: 1960-1979
Price: $29.99
Pencil: 4728: Sheaffer: PFM-I
New Old Stock! Check out our Sheaffer PFM-I pencil, complete with its original chalk mark. This black-and-steel beauty has some wear from where it was stored over the years, but it is in excellent working order. Its .9mm lead advances and retracts with a twist of the tail cap. Under the tail cap, you'll find a fresh looking...but mostly eraser. Under it are spare leads! 12.8cm capped.
Pencil: 0566 Sheaffer 400
Filling Mechanism: Pencil
Era: 1930-1939
Price: $49.99
Pencil: 0566: Sheaffer: 400
Vintage pencils make math and crossword puzzles way more fun. Take this Sheaffer 400 pencil for example. It is an early devotee of the .9mm lead. You advance and retract it with a simple twist of the tail cap. It has some wear from use, but most of us do after 80 years. The worst of it is a few little scratches in the nose cone, which you can see in the photo. The carmine red pattern is one of the rarer color schemes from this era. The clip is on tightly. It no longer has its eraser, but it comes with a spare lead. 13.3cm.
Vintage Pens: 4075 Sheaffer Lifetime Telephone Dialer
Filling Mechanism: Lever Filler
Era: 1930-1939   Fountain Pen Nib Size: F
Price: $299.99
Vintage Pens: 4075: Sheaffer: Lifetime Telephone Dialer
Way back in the 20th century we had curious inventions known as telephones. They were simple electrical devices that allowed people to talk to each other over long distances. No texting. No videos. No camera. Just talking. To place a call, as it was known, you'd have to spin a ring to connect to a different phone's number. Sheaffer Lifetime Telephone Dialer pens included a special tail to help people spin the ring and dial a number. Definitely on the rarer side of Sheaffer collection, these pens are a real treat. We restored this vintage pen with a new ink sac. The jade green celluloid has only a few spots of discoloring and looks amazingly sharp. Click the headline for a close up. 14k gold nib writes a delightfully smooth, wet fine line. There is a little wobble in the nib between the left shoulder and section. Its matching pencil still works! Takes 1.1mm lead. 14.3cm capped.
Vintage Pens: 4073 Sheaffer Balance Abalone
Filling Mechanism: Lever Filler
Era: 1930-1939   Fountain Pen Nib Size: XF
Price: $249.99
Vintage Pens: 4073: Sheaffer: Balance Abalone
Glittering abalone shell sets inlaid into the ebonite cap and barrel of our oversized Sheaffer Balance Lifetime. As much a piece of jewelry as it is a functional daily writer, and we are happily surprised that the abalone isn't heavily discolored. Unfortunately, the cap and barrel have some deep scratches and obvious wear. No cracks and fully restored with a new ink sac. You will find brassing on the pocket clip and cap band. Its two-tone 14k gold nib writes a firm, extra-fine line with a little feedback. Click the headline for close-ups. 13.9cm capped.
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