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Pre-Owned Pens: 4088 Mont Blanc Hemingway
Filling Mechanism: Ballpoint
Era: 1980-present
Price: $699.99
Pre-Owned Pens: 4088: Mont Blanc: Hemingway
Montblanc Hemingway pens are among the most sought-after pens in the industry. We have a handsome Montblanc Hemingway ballpoint pen that in almost-mint condition, complete with its original boxes and papers. The pre-owned luxury pen was barely used by its original owner, who collected an impressive variety of lux pens. It comes with a working black refill. A great tribute to the legendary American writer Ernest Hemingway who actually used an orange-and-black Montblanc fountain pen! This is that pen reimagined as a ballpoint. Hemingway, of course, is best known for his novels "A Farewell to Arms," "The Old Man and the Sea," "For Whom the Bell Tolls" and "The Sun Also Rises." Guaranteed authentic.
Pre-Owned Pens: 3675 Waterman Gentleman Sterling Barleycorn
Filling Mechanism: Cartridge/Converter
Era: 1980-present   Fountain Pen Nib Size: M
Price: $299.99
Pre-Owned Pens: 3675: Waterman: Gentleman Sterling Barleycorn
Textured perfection is the only way we know how to describe the sterling silver cap and barrel of our Waterman Gentleman fountain pen in the "Barleycorn" design. It is exquisite with almost no trace of wear. In mint condition. Its 18k gold nib writes a smooth, wet medium line. You will also find an included Waterman standard international converter inside the barrel. It also takes like cartridges. 14cm capped.
Pre-Owned Pens: 2624 Parker Duofold
Filling Mechanism: Ballpoint
Era: 1980-present
Price: $99.99
Pre-Owned Pens: 2624: Parker: Duofold
We always thought it was genius to have used the classic pencil design of the original Parker Duofolds to adapt it to a ballpoint pen such as this one. Our pen looks like it is in nearly mint condition...except for a pinhead sized chip on the back of the pen where the black barrel meets the golden topper. I doubt most people would even notice it, but it is there. A working blue refill extends and retracts with a twist of the tail filler. The top of the topper has the spade design. 13.1cm.
Pre-Owned Pens: 3428 Mont Blanc Leonard Bernstein
Filling Mechanism: Piston Filler
Era: 1980-present   Fountain Pen Nib Size: M
Price: $799.99
Pre-Owned Pens: 3428: Mont Blanc: Leonard Bernstein
One of the greatest musical geniuses of the 20th century was Leonard Bernstein. He bridged the gap between classical and popular music, writing some of the most poignant and popular musicals of his time, including "West Side Story." Montblanc paid tribute to him with one of its "donation series" pens. Look closely at its cap band and you see a bit of the music and lyrics to the song "Maria." The tail band includes the phrase "Philharmonia of the Nations." Although you can see the nib sticker still on the barrel, our Montblanc Leonard Bernstein has been engraved with the name "Karin Patrzyk" and it has been used. Only light wear, and the piston filler works well. Its 18k gold nib writes a smooth medium line. Just FYI, most donation pens do not have serial numbers or L.E. numbering. 14.5cm capped.
Pre-Owned Pens: 4084 Mont Blanc Classique Bordeaux
Filling Mechanism: Pencil
Era: 1980-present
Price: $125.00
Pre-Owned Pens: 4084: Mont Blanc: Classique Bordeaux
Make math and crosswords stylish and chic with a Montblanc Classique pencil. This particular model is the rarer, discontinued "Bordeaux" burgundy color with gold-plated trim. Twist the tail cap to extend and retract the .5mm lead. Pull of the cap to reveal a mostly spent black eraser. Under the eraser hide spare leads. This pencil was once somebody's daily work horse. There are no cracks, but it has moderate wear in the form of small scratches and scuffs. No brassing. It has a serial number in the clip ring. 14cm.
Pre-Owned Pens: 4018 Mont Blanc 147 Traveler
Filling Mechanism: Cartridge/Converter
Era: 1980-present   Fountain Pen Nib Size: M
Price: $749.99
Pre-Owned Pens: 4018: Mont Blanc: 147 Traveler
It is surprising to many who love pens that the Montblanc 147 Traveler was ever discontinued. It is a popular pen that remains a top-seller on the preowned pen market. Basically a Montblanc 146 in size, style and writing quality, the biggest difference was that the tail assembly unscrewed to reveal a special carriage for only cartridges! Also, they came with a special black leather folio that had a space for the pen and plenty of secure spaces for the spare cartridges! Luckily, our pen and folio set has remained together. Guaranteed authentic from a dedicated Montblanc collector, this pen features a serial number on the clip ring. No cracks, nearly mint condition with minimal traces of wear. You'll love the buttery smooth 14k gold nib that writes a medium line. Click the headline for close-ups. 14.5cm capped.
Pre-Owned Pens: 4020 Mont Blanc LeGrand
Filling Mechanism: Rollerball
Era: 1980-present
Price: $349.99
Pre-Owned Pens: 4020: Mont Blanc: LeGrand
Fountain pens aren't for everybody, but class and style are. Montblanc LeGrand rollerball pens have the advantage of looking just as rich and powerful as their fountain pen siblings. Their greatest feature for some is having a water-based ink cartridge combined with a ballpoint pen's convenient delivery system. Our pen comes loaded with a working blue refill, but we have no idea how much ink remains. This pen was well loved. It was a dutiful worker that earned its wear honestly. No cracks, however, th eiinitial "E.R.R." are engraved on the clip. Click the headline for close-ups. 14.4cm capped.
Pre-Owned Pens: 4025 Waterman Laureat
Filling Mechanism: Cartridge/Converter
Era: 1980-present   Fountain Pen Nib Size: M
Price: $49.99
Pre-Owned Pens: 4025: Waterman: Laureat
Never underestimate the value of a good daily driver (pen). Our mottled red Waterman Laureat is a good writer in need of a good home. Its golden alloy nib looks a little pitted when you click the headline for a close-up, but it writes a wet, smooth medium line with only a hint of feedback on ascenders and descenders. Aside from the nib's cosmetic appearance, the rest of the pen looks very good with no brassing and only some wear from use. No deep scratches or flecking finish. It fills with a cartridge or converter, but it comes with neither. 13cm capped.
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