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Pencil: 5242 Sheaffer Titan
Filling Mechanism: Pencil
Era: 1920-1929
Price: $75.00
Pencil: 5242: Sheaffer: Titan
Sheaffer Titan pencils from the 1920s are remarkable for being such great work horses after 100 years of use. This vintage pencil has a green and pale yellow look with only hints of discoloration. No cracks or major wear. No dents in the topper but a touch of brassing. "Vincent Ekeberg" is engraved on the pencil. Twist the gold-plated topper to advance and retract the 1.1mm lead. There are some spare leads under the hardened eraser under the topper. 13.1cm.
Pre-Owned Pens: 5194 Pelikan Souverän M800
Filling Mechanism: Piston Filler
Era: 1980-present   Fountain Pen Nib Size: B
Price: $399.99
Pre-Owned Pens: 5194: Pelikan: Souverän M800
Kermit the Frog might think it isn't easy being green, but the Pelikan Souverän M800 fountain pen doesn't have any problem with it at all. This handsome preowned luxury pen is a classic pen and a must for any writer. Ideal for larger hands but not oversized the M800 features a smooth piston filler that holds a ton of ink. It has a little wear from use, including a scratch on the back of the cap and a touch of damage around the golden ring around the bottom of the section, which is visible when you click the headline to see the nib close-up. You will write a lusciously smooth and wet line that looks more broad than the "M" for medium marked on the two-tone 18k gold nib indicates. The logo is a golden mama pelican and two chicks on the black top jewel. Includes original boxes. 14.1cm capped.
Vintage Pens: 5243 Parker 51
Filling Mechanism: Vacuum Filler
Era: 1940-1949   Fountain Pen Nib Size: F
Price: $99.99
Vintage Pens: 5243: Parker: 51
Parker 51 fountain pens remain popular 80 years after their introduction. Due to a small mark on the barrel, we aren't 100% sure if this is a 1945 or '46 model. It is in good working order. We got it from a long-time vintage pen collector who gave it to us in good working order. The pen shows some light wear on the cap and barrel. You can see the marks in the lustraloy cap pretty easily in the photo. You will write a fine to medium with its 14k gold nib. We don't know how else to describe it, but there's a bit of feedback as you write. We smoothed it out, but there is still a sensation as you write. Sorry that sounds vague, but it is a vague feeling. 13.8cm capped.
Vintage Pens: 5241 Sheaffer Sentinel
Filling Mechanism: Snorkel
Era: 1950-1959   Fountain Pen Nib Size: M
Price: $99.99
Vintage Pens: 5241: Sheaffer: Sentinel
Sheaffer Snorkels are our favorite overengineered fountain pens. They are tons of fun, and we have a good time restoring them. We restored this Sheaffer Sentinel with a new ink sac, point seal, O-ring and tail blind cap. You will write a smooth medium line with its two-tone 14k gold Triumph nib that is marked M5. Our vintage pen has a few quirks. There's a spot of scuffing on the front of the barrel near the nib, which you can see in the photo if you look closely. When you fill the pen, you will need to push the snorkel back out about 1/16th of an inch after you retract it all the way. Everything else is working well. No dents or cracks. 14.1cm capped.
Vintage Pens: 5239 Sheaffer Cadet
Filling Mechanism: TouchDown
Era: 1960-1979   Fountain Pen Nib Size: F
Price: $49.99
Vintage Pens: 5239: Sheaffer: Cadet
Starting a new school year with a Sheaffer Cadet fountain pen would be way cooler than just a box of #2 pencils. We restored this late Touchdown filling pen with a new ink sac and O-ring. What isn't to love about the simple pneumatic filler? The cap and barrel look pretty good with just a little wear from use. The biggest flaw is the "brassing" on the cap band, which is significant. Best of all, you will write as close to a buttery smooth fine line as a Sheaffer steel F1 nib can get. This is a seriously impressive daily driver for a bargain pen. 13.4cm capped.
Pre-Owned Pens: 5236 Pelikan 120
Filling Mechanism: Piston Filler
Era: 1980-present   Fountain Pen Nib Size: B
Price: $125.00
Pre-Owned Pens: 5236: Pelikan: 120
Click the headline to get a look at this juicy, broad nib. Made of a golden alloy, it is a very smooth writing joy to behold. It is a Pelikan, though, as if they'd deliver less than amazing. Our Pelikan 120 is a very clean and new looking pen with minimal wear from past use. You can see some droplets of water inside the ink-view window after our having flushed it. The piston works smoothly. It is so light weight, you could write with it all day and not feel tired in your fingers or wrist. The imprint on the top of the clip features a mama pelican and a single chick. 13cm capped.
Vintage Pens: 5237 Sheaffer Balance
Filling Mechanism: Lever Filler
Era: 1930-1939   Fountain Pen Nib Size: XF
Price: $99.99
Vintage Pens: 5237: Sheaffer: Balance
Sheaffer Balance pens were what hooked us for the first time on vintage pens. This fully restored Sheaffer Balance Lifetime has a beautiful black-and-pearl barrel without much discoloration. Unfortunately, its cap didn't escape the discoloration. Nevertheless, this pen has a new ink sac and is ready for action. The cap band and pocket clip also have some severe brassing, as well as a hairline crack in the lip of the cap. You will write a nice extra-fine line with its original 14k gold nib and later 1930s' inkfeed. (This pen was likely a 1930s model with an original inkfeed.) You'll notice it is a firm nib with a little feedback, but it is a true-blue writer. This vintage pen is a shade shorter than we are used to for a "standard" size model, but it isn't really short enough to be a "junior" either. 13.7cm capped.
Pre-Owned Pens: 5231 Mont Blanc 149
Filling Mechanism: Piston Filler
Era: 1980-present   Fountain Pen Nib Size: F
Price: $525.00
Pre-Owned Pens: 5231: Mont Blanc: 149
A Montblanc 149 by any other name is still a Montblanc 149, but nibs matter. What makes this king of the luxury pens stand out is its much sought-after 14k gold nib annnnd split ebonite inkfeed. You will write a nice fine line, while its tip still lets you feel the surface of the paper without it being scratchy. The piston filler is in good working order. The pen has a slight amount of wear from use, but to the casual observer it looks almost new. This is an older model with its original boxes and papers, made before they started adding all of the serial numbers, "Pix," etc. Guaranteed authentic. 14.8cm capped.
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